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Circuit info 2024

Information about Autódromo do Algarve

Portimao Circuit Stands Map

Aerial view of Autódromo do Algarve Circuit, Portimão
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There will be a Fan Zone at the circuit, located next to the access ramp to the Main Grandstand Gate (on the south side of the Grandstand car park), throughout the weekend. The Fan Zone will feature driver appearances, live music concerts, DJs, bars, and other activities.

The provisional schedule and activities are as follows:

Thursday – 21/03/2024

16:00: Fan Zone opening

Entertainment: 16:00

Pit Lane Walk: 16:30 – 17:30

Friday – 22/03/2024

08:30: Fan Zone Opening

09:00: Entertainment

16:30: DJ Deelight

16:50: Riders on Stage – Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP

Saturday – 23/03/2024

08:15: Fan Zone opening

08:30: Entertainment

13:30: DJ Deelight

15:30: Daddy Jack Band

17:00: Riders on stage – Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP
Hot Air Balloon during the day for flying experiences (depending on weather conditions).

Sunday – 24/03/2024

08:30: Fan Zone opens

08:30: Various entertainment

11:00: Rádio Comercial entertainment

13:00: DJ Bubba Brothers

15:00: DaCa band (AC/DC covers)
Hot Air Balloon during the day for flying experiences (depending on weather conditions).



Gates open: 08:00 (22nd March) and 07:45 (23rd and 24th March)

Start of track activities: 09:00 (22nd March), 08:40 (23rd March), and 09:40 (24th March)

Doors close: 17:45 (22nd and 23rd March) and 16:30 on 24th March

(subject to changes)



The Autódromo Internacional do Algarve has 8 different stands, each served by an access door. The color of the access door corresponds to the color of the stand and is the only door through which your ticket allows access.

The map shows the stands and respective doors, as well as service areas, such as toilets, food and drink outlets, and the approximate location of the giant screens placed to watch the races in various areas of the circuit.



On event days, especially on Sunday, there will be a large influx of cars and people to the Circuit. To avoid long queues, arrive at the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve a few hours in advance. Also, allow time for parking, finding a spot in the car park, and walking to your stand and designated seat. Plan ahead to ensure the best possible experience and to attend all the practices and races on the program.

The Autódromo Internacional do Algarve has prepared several unpaved and one tarmac car parks where you can park your car or motorbike. Access and parking for cars and motorcycles are free this year for almost all parks, so you don’t need to buy a pass. Only the Main Stand park is paid.

The car parks are between 10 and 30 minutes' walk from the circuit, so we recommend choosing the car park closest to your grandstand area to minimize walking time.

Two free car parks will be available in Portimão (Praia da Rocha area) and Lagos (Marina area), from where free buses will depart to the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve. Below you can find the location of the parks. Just present your ticket to access the bus.

Please note that parking spaces are not marked and are subject to availability.



Spectators will have two ways to reach the circuit:

– Through dedicated, exclusive, and free shuttles that can be used upon presentation of the pass or ticket, from Portimão (Praia da Rocha, at the location indicated below) and Lagos (Marina, at the location indicated below). Transports are scheduled to start at 7:30 am on event days and will leave at 1-hour intervals. After the day’s program ends, shuttles will operate to take spectators back to Portimão (Praia da Rocha) and Lagos (Marina). See the departure location further down in this Guide.

– By your own car or motorbike, parking in the car parks available around the venue as per the map above.

For easier access to the Circuit, follow the signs and look for the park closest to your seating area.


All parks within the AIA (Autódromo Internacional do Algarve) venue will be staffed with permanent security personnel and attendants who will inform spectators about the capacity and availability of each park. Their operating hours will be from 07:00 until two hours after the event concludes. Please note that there are no shuttle buses available for transportation from the park to the Circuit, so please plan for a walking time of up to 30 minutes.



As per regulations, alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited within the circuit perimeter; therefore, alcohol will not be available for purchase at outlets near the outdoor grandstands. Alcohol will only be accessible at bars located outside the perimeter, including those within the Fan Zone and under the Main Grandstand.

Upon entry at the circuit gates, security personnel will electronically scan tickets using barcode readers. These barcodes contain information provided during ticket purchase, necessitating spectators to carry personal identification for entry.

GNR guards will monitor entrances. After entering, signage and staff will assist spectators in locating their stand and allocated seats, ensuring smooth flow.

Failure to comply with staff instructions may result in expulsion from the venue without ticket refunds. Spectators visibly under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances or exhibiting disruptive behavior endangering others may also face expulsion without refund.



The venue will close daily approximately at 5:45 PM (Friday and Saturday) or 4:30 PM (Sunday) after the event concludes. Spectators are advised to exit calmly. Signage and staff will assist in orderly departure and ensure social distancing.



Expect heavy traffic on event days, especially Sunday, with increased numbers of spectators. Plan your journey accordingly, arriving at Autódromo Internacional do Algarve several hours early to avoid lengthy queues.

Allocate time for parking, walking to your grandstand, ticket checks, and finding your designated spot. Ensure a smooth experience to attend all scheduled training sessions and races.

The extensive program offers entertainment from as early as 9:00 AM until the end of the day, with support facilities and giant screens broadcasting events throughout the circuit.

Arrive early for the best experience!



You may bring your helmet to the stand; however, there's no official storage. Moto Clube de Portimão provides a nearby service (conditions and costs apply).

The use of professional cameras and video equipment is restricted. Only small, individual containers like bags, backpacks, or wallets are permitted. Storage facilities are unavailable, so ensure personal items' safety.



Entry and exit during races are permitted with ticket presentation. Each movement is logged in the entry control system.



Tickets grant access solely to the specified stand, with each stand having one access door indicated on the map. Unauthorized access to other doors or stands is prohibited.



A map detailing circuit layout and surrounding areas, including stands, gates, car parks, and giant screen locations, is available above.



Caravan parking is available for a fee, and reservations can be made online. The CampingCar area lacks water, electricity, or any support infrastructure.

Camping or overnight stays near the circuit are strictly prohibited.



There is only one ATM available for cash withdrawals, located near the entrance to the Main Grandstand. Food and beverage outlets accept both cash and cards.



Several giant screens are strategically positioned across the circuit, providing coverage of events from various areas. Refer to the circuit map for screen locations.



To enter the circuit, ensure you have your ticket and an official photo ID (CC, ID, Passport, or Driving License).



Shuttle services around the circuit are available for those who prefer not to walk. These shuttles will circulate along the perimeter of the Circuit, following the road that surrounds it. Please note that there are no buses from the Parking Lots to the Circuit area.

The operating hours of the internal shuttles (serving Grandstands, Parks, and the VIP Tower) are as follows:

Start – 7:30 am

End – Friday at 6:00 pm / Saturday at 5:30 pm / Sunday at 4:00 pm



All stands are equipped with toilets and food and beverage outlets for spectator convenience.



Merchandise is available for purchase both within and outside the circuit.



A medical post is located near the Main Grandstand entrance to provide assistance in case of emergencies.



In compliance with regulations enforced by the authorities and consistent with other sporting and recreational events (such as football matches and stadiums), the introduction of food and/or beverages into the Circuit is regulated. Only food items and drinks intended for individual consumption, such as a bottle, sandwich, piece of fruit, or snack, are permitted. For safety reasons, authorities may request that bottles be uncapped upon entry. Food and beverage purchase points are available at various stands.

Food and drinks can be purchased at several locations within the stands, including fixed bars and newly introduced food trucks, offering a variety of culinary options. Due to logistical constraints, it is not feasible to offer the full range of culinary options at every stand. However, there will be diverse alternatives available at all stands.



Smoking is prohibited in stands, with designated areas provided behind stands for smokers.